Maximize the Impact of Diversity

Birkman is an advanced personality and career assessment that measures four core aspects of personality, including Interests, Usual Behavior, Stress Behavior, and underlying Needs. By reaching further into more complex behavioral Components, Birkman shines a light on the unique leadership styles among us. Birkman offers individual reports as well as comparative reporting options. Comparative reporting enables leaders to see and become attuned to the similarities and differences between themselves and their team and allows them to better connect, communicate, and lead.

Exploring new career opportunities?  Being in tune with personality and passions is important when exploring different career avenues. Self-assessment is a valuable way to clarify career directions and capitalize on the innate preferences that contribute to job satisfaction. When empowered by this knowledge, individuals can better navigate towards their best fitting workplace. People are more likely to achieve success and see advancement if they are engaged in and enjoy the work they do. Birkman gives individuals a deeper understanding of themselves, the career options that align to one’s natural strengths, how they are motivated, and what interests them in a career. 

The Birkman assessment provides meaningful insight for individuals in all aspects of life, a competitive advantage for executives, and powerful tool for creating effective, diverse and engaged teams within an organization.

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