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If you are an executive or being groomed for senior management, you most likely have gotten there based on years of high performance and getting things done effectively.  However, while we go through extensive training for many aspects of our career, the one area no one gives us a manual for is how to be a leader, which leaves most people in the mode of building the leadership plane as you fly it.  
While the reality is that there is always some level of building as you fly in life, you don't have to do it blindfolded.

ACCELERATE is the executive leadership development program designed to prepare you to accelerate your progression into higher levels of leadership at an optimal performance level in alignment with your values, goals, strengths, and leadership style.

If you are ready to define and increase the velocity of your leadership development, click below to schedule a complimentary consultation.  

It's time to ACCELERATE your career.

  • Preliminary discussions to define specific objectives
  • Pre and Post Program Behavioral & Attitudinal Assessments
  • One-On-One Coaching Sessions (weekly or bi-weekly via telephone,  Skype, or web conference)
  • In-Person Leadership Development Intensives 
  • Custom Reports
  • Email and Telephone Support
  • Three or Six-Month Program 

A sample of the key objectives addressed in the ACCELERATE program:

  • Build self-confidence and maximize leadership presence
  • Inspire and motivate teams, creating loyalty and commitment
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence - self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and relationship-building
  • Refine business communication and relationship development skills
  • Manage workload, handle stress, ensure work/life balance


Program Details

Still looking for the "How to Be a Leader" Manual?